Roof Painting

man painting a house


We’ll make your roof look stunning again using high-quality, fit-for-purpose paints.

We handle all sizes of project and have extensive experience painting roofs on residential and commercial properties. We also have experience of a range of different roofing materials, including metal. Contact us today to find out more.


  • Safety first – all members of our team go through regular and comprehensive safety training, so are fully certified. In addition, we use all appropriate safety equipment including harnesses, hard hats, and safety glasses.
  • Pressure washing – the first stage of any roof painting project is to wash the surface using an industrial-standard pressure washer. This removes grime and dirt as well as loose elements of the previous coating. Pressure washing is essential to getting a high-quality finish.
  • Removing previous coating – while some of the previous coating will be removed by pressure washing, most will need to be removed using power tools. Before we begin painting, we ensure the surface is completely ready.
  • Painting – the final stage is to apply the paint to your roof.