Other Services

Graffiti Removal

Our team has extensive experience removing graffiti from a range of different surfaces. Depending on the surface, we use a variety of different graffiti removal techniques including pressure washing and sandblasting. All products we use are environmentally friendly plus we offer graffiti prevention options.


Wallpaper can give you a unique and highly attractive finish in the rooms of your home. A range of different styles is available to help you achieve the look you want. Plus, when you use Paint It Perfect, you can be sure the quality of the wallpaper finish will be to the highest standard as our team has extensive experience.

Plastering and Gib Stopping

Our primary area of expertise is painting, but many projects require plastering and/or gib stopping before the painting work can begin. As a result, we have a team of trusted and reliable plastering and gib stopping sub-contractors that we can call on whenever required.

To get a quote for any of our services, please contact us today at info@paintitperfect.co.nz